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Doodle Inc High Speed SSD Hosting

High Speed Hosting

As mentioned previously in our technology area (you can read more about the latest technology) speed plays a crucial part in your success. Here at Doodle Inc. we take your website loading speed seriously. Our ultra-reliable, high-performance hosting is crucial for your website success. If your site is slow, your visitors will just find another site to buy from or get their information from. Therefore, we tested every local hosting in Australia in order to find the best available technology. Eventually, we decided to take it one step further and utilise the most advanced cutting-edge technology in the world.

As the technology is not available in Australia yet, our secured servers located in USA, but through our content delivery systems (CDN) your audience will see your website anywhere in the world as if it was local. In this situation- for instance- your local Australian customers (Sydney, Melbourne) will experience a better speed than hosting your site locally (besides given factors such his local connection hardware). Unbelievable!

300% Faster SSD Hosting

As we said before, your website is hosted on FULL SSD (Solid State Drive) hosting. Actual tests show that pages load up to 300% faster on our SSDs compared to standard hard drives.

We use Full SSD Hosting for you files, operating system, and database, in order to maximise the speed of your website. While standard hard drives can only perform hundreds of input and output operations per second, our SSDs perform thousands of operations every second.

With no moving parts and no blockages, our ultra-reliable SSDs can help your website fly high!

Turbo Server- Up To 20X Faster!

According to an Aberdeen Group study, just a 1 second page load delay can cause a:

  • 7% decrease in your conversion rate
  • 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction
  • 11% fewer page views

Your new site uses SwiftServer platform which features Turbo drives. Performance test results reveals that your website will load up to 20X faster on our Turbo servers compared to a normal hard drive! This unique feature allows:

  • Up To 20X Faster Page Loads
  • More Resources Per User
  • Fewer Users Per Server
  • Enhanced Performance Over Apache

Download the full report HERE

Mobile website loading time report Doodle Inc Australia

 Solid State Drive Hosting

Solid state drive helps improving your site performance in many ways. For example, it would read and write data at the same time, and this helps in faster execution of requests. There are many other direct-indirect benefits of using SSD drive. For example:

  • SSD requires less power and thus is environmental friendly.
  • SSD are more reliable than HDD.
  • SSD doesn’t require fregmentation.
  • SSD have faster access time.
Full Real SSD hosting Australia

SwiftCache APC- Up To 200% Faster PHP Processing!

Your new website with Doodle Inc. utilise PHP accelerator APC. Performance tests show that APC cuts PHP processing times by up to 50%. External tests reveal that APC can increase page generation speed by 300% for applications like Drupal.

While some users prefer accelerators like Memcached, eAccelerator or xCache, the Doodle Inc. team found the largest performance boost with APC.

Unlike other hosting companies who do not allow APC use on their web hosting accounts, your new hosted Doodle website will use this technology, at no additional cost!

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